Weave Integration, hardware update

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Anything goes digital transition for radio control appliances. Like HDTV, but for RC projects

Blake W. FordBlake W. Ford 03/31/2016 at 22:480 Comments

Current changes to the codebase include the addition of a Json command format. This matches at least part of the layout from the upcoming Brillo/Weave standards as best I can gather given the limited information available.


"name": "_wifiRC._set",

"parameters": {

"_direction": "0",

"_directionString": "IDLE",

"_magnitude": "0",

"_lights": "false",

"_gear": "0"



I also put on order and Arduino Protoshield, some relays, mosfets and resistors to build a single integrated board for the vehicle hardware. All of that will eventually be coupled with an Edison Arduino breakout and the source ported accordingly.