Time lapse success!

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Patrick Van OosterwijckPatrick Van Oosterwijck 02/22/2016 at 18:280 Comments

Finally got a successful time lapse using the LiFePO4wered/Pi! It's not perfect, but pretty nice for a first attempt. The funniest thing is that my timing was off on the wake-up timer, so the time lapse runs through the night. Oh well, that's pretty cool too. :)

The system took 99 pictures over about a day, on a single charge! I'm very happy with the result! It was done using the 3.2V LiFePO4wered/Pi version.

And all it took was this little script, called from /etc/rc.local :


/usr/bin/raspistill -o /home/pi/Projects/timelapse/`date -Iseconds`.jpg -t 3500 -ex backlight -awb horizon

/usr/local/bin/lifepo4wered-cli set WAKE_TIME 9
/sbin/shutdown -h now

The call to raspistill takes the picture. The date tool is used to generate a unique name for each picture. Playing with the raspistill parameters can likely improve the quality of the time lapse.

After that, the lifepo4wered-cli tool is called to set the wake-up timer. Then the system is shut down.

As mentioned before, the wakeup timer is not very accurate and varies from chip to chip. On my prototype, the WAKE_TIME value of 9 resulted in a picture about every 15 minutes.