soldering the remaining components

A project log for PiBoy-Zero

yet another portable console! ;-) roughly the size of a gameboy micro, with a 2.2" display

JohSchneiderJohSchneider 04/02/2016 at 14:140 Comments

mainly buttons and the usb socket...

the usb-socket has mounting tabs which i decided to trim down at the side close to the alps-nav switch, just in case the room is needed later on by the 3d printed that'll come ontop of it

the omron switches chosen for ABXY have some position keys on the back, which have to be trimmed also -- which was a design decision, including holes for those would have interfered with the smd-pads on the other side

in retrospect it would have been a bit easier to mount the tft last, since it sits close to some solder-pads... but it was still doable