Rev1B: Ethernet Quadrature Decoder

A project log for SPINet

A DIP-16 webserver for SPI devices (+ UART + I²C + QDEC)

helgehelge 10/12/2016 at 12:471 Comment

SPINet has had some traces moved around and now incorporates two new I/O mapping flavors:

- simple Quadrature Decoder: PHA+PHB only (utilizes the primary UART pins, however the ACT and LNK LEDs can be disconnected and a secondary UART option is routed to these pins). That's what was possible on a 2-layer PCB in the given area.

- full Quadrature Decoder with rotation signal: PHA+PHB+IDX: (utilizes UART pins, LNK LED pin), maintains ACT pins

all options do not touch I2C and SPI I/Os.

Spot the differences ;-)

ps. via-in-pad is usually not a good idea. However we gave the PCBs a shot and found the small via ID in conjunction with stop mask on the bottom layer (which tents/plugs the vias halfway through) keeps solder wicking under control. Back-to-back caps also seem to work without a concerning amount of tombstoning. Not good practice in general but ok-ish if proven to work under real conditions.


helge wrote 10/12/2016 at 13:27 point

dream team: pair SPINet1B with

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