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Building a smarter, smaller and more user friendly soldering station

Marius TaciucMarius Taciuc 03/26/2018 at 23:071 Comment

Now it's the time to keep changing components and to run some tests. As you noticed in the picture, I used a 16*2 LCD until I had the 0802 ones. Check the gallery for all the pictures and stand by for more updates and some software files. 


dxxx wrote 01/13/2022 at 13:34 point

Sorry but you make a serious confusion...
The temperature on the tip is one thing, that you measure externally.
The temperature THAT THE CARTRIDGE SENSOR MEASURES is rather DIFFERENT, that is the temperature in the heating resistance - which is much bigger than the temperature at the surface.
The two temperatures have different slopes... which seem to confuse you.

Just drill the cartridge and measure the temperature where the built-in sensor is and you shall see...

Nu confunda temperatura masurata de cartridge care este cu sute de grade mai mare decat cea masurabila pe varf la exterior. Nu este una si aceeasi temperatura. Dxxx/elforum.

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