Winter Code Cleanup

A project log for PiFold

PiZero+CustomAccessPoint+CaptivePortal+AudioStreaming+PiFM+Voip in a wallet. Cash, Cache and Content. (optional Solar Charger)

tomwsmftomwsmf 12/21/2016 at 00:590 Comments

As the northern section of our planet spins into the winter of our discontent it is time perhaps to look over the projects of the last year or so and see what can be done better, what can be rejiggered and what needs to be sent to the depths of the good ideas past.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to look to simplify PIFold and Anyfesto in general .

If you can think of other points that need looking into please please post them up. I have a week or so of free time and so the moment to do this is now. Maybe a livestream or google hangout. Id love to hear how folks are using this and projects like it. I also would love to find more ways to make it more of what it should be.

Check back here for more info

[1] VLC is a great solution but the start up script I set up was a quick bodge whose time needs to be done. Its not elegant. I like VLC because it offers mgmt and server and player all in one. Better soultions? Please post them up here.