Update: 09-Mar-16

A project log for Custom Budget NAS Build

An Inexpensive 6-drive 64-bit Liquid-cooled NAS build relying on open-source equipment and software as much as possible.

sdwhwksdwhwk 03/09/2016 at 20:120 Comments

Well, March is here and I should be getting a Pine A64 shipped sometime this month, so I will have "the brains" for testing this project. I'm still researching ways to get things together like schematics for a USB to SATA converter (TI has a schem of one, just looking into how difficult it would be to change the USB type) and I also took apart one of my 12 port USB2 hubs just to see how it ticks. Finally got both computers running (yay!) and bought a HD USB cam to take pictures and two bright USB lamps. All I need now for it is a zoom lens that will be able to see the small SMD parts clearly and my electronics/soldering microscope will be finished. I've also found the Allwinner A64 chip (3x what it was advertised on the web, but I bet $5 is for large bulk orders) and pinouts (or is it ball outs now?), so when it is time to design the custom PCB for the NAS, I'll be ready. The other components should be easier to get. I'll post the SATA adapter schems and A64 whitesheet later for everyone.