C.H.I.P. is on its way!!!

A project log for Custom Budget NAS Build

An Inexpensive 6-drive 64-bit Liquid-cooled NAS build relying on open-source equipment and software as much as possible.

sdwhwksdwhwk 07/19/2016 at 21:170 Comments

Finally got a confirmation about the C.H.I.P. being shipped, so it should be here in a week or so. Once it arrives, I'm going to put it through a few tests to see if it would be more suitable for this project, if not, I have the Pine to fall back on. I have tested the Pine in Ubuntu with two USB/SATA and it seems fast enough so far, but I have not gotten a chance to stress test the read/write or network. So far I've just used store bought equipment, but as I've stated, I wanted this to be a ground-up project, mainly for experience, but also I'm a firm believer in fixing things yourself and not wasting parts. This way, if something goes out, you can fix it instead of throwing it away. We live WAYYY too much in a throw-a-way society and personally I'm tired of the "Oh, the next generation will fix it, so I'll have my pie now" attitude. It has been going on way too long and nothing has been fixed; society, environment, economy, etc. and that pie is almost gone. Everybody expected somebody else to bake another one. Don't wanna get into it. So I'm doing my part the best way I can by this project.

Anyways, cross fingers it comes sooner and it'll do the job.