3D prints and assembly

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Led clock with a Raspberry Pi web radio

ArminArmin 05/25/2016 at 18:550 Comments

The 3D prints from Dirty 3D printing have arrived!

Offcourse I have assembled it. First 3D print ever and it fits!

First the front (clock face). It has a lot of leds and a big touch button in the middle

Next the sides are capacitive sliders. They are on the four sides. The IMU inside is going to be used to determine which way is up. This way the top slider can always handle the back/wake up light. Left slider the channel and the right slider the volume of the music.

On the back are 12 WS2812 leds. These are going to be the wake up light. Probably they will also be used as a normal light with the slider

And Finally the inside. As you can see there is plenty of room. What else can I fit in there ....