Universal Usb Boot Disk

No more re-imaging flash drives - just select the image you want to boot.

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Use a Linux-powered USB OTG device to act as a universal flash drive, supporting anything that can be booted from a USB Mass Storage device.

USB OTG and a linux kernel can be used to serve up disk images over USB Mass Storage, removing the tedious task of finding a suitably sized, unused flash drive and imaging it to boot your target. Just download the disk images (img or iso) to your universal boot device(maybe even from the device), and select which to serve from the lcd/dpad menu or change the default startup image, and boot to your image.

  • 1 × Banana Pi/Rapi Zero Just needs usable OTG mode and Linux kernel with g_mass_storage module. A nice thing about a Banana Pi is that it has a separate OTG controller, non-usb ethernet, and sata, so you have unlimited storage, and network connectivity while being a OTG device.

  • POC done

    automaticgiant02/04/2016 at 21:23 0 comments

    Initial experimentation with a Banana Pi shows feasibility, but it needs work. Booting a whole distribution and then serving the image is slow. I used a systemd unit on Arch to modprobe g_mass_storage with filename set to a symlink to an image, and to set the sysfs-controlled led show progress. It set it to heartbeat mode for 5 seconds when it was done and then to OTG activity mode after. Ideally, this will go on a Raspi Zero with just a minimal busybox rootfs and maybe a slim kernel so device boot speed is better. Then the HW UI will come.

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