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8-channel (BBQ)-Thermometer hooked to your WLAN

arminarmin 02/28/2016 at 08:410 Comments

Dear friends and followers of WLANThermo (which should be named WIFIThermo in the english world but we are Germans, you know... :D),

We proudly announce the release of the new version 2.3.1-0 after many long days and nights of coding, debugging, testing, building and beerdrinking. Ok, the proud got damped a bit after we realized, 2.3.1-0 had a glitch in the final building-process! So we spent another long saturday in debugging, coding, testing, building (well and coffee this time ) and last night, we made it and released the hopefully working 2.3.1-1!

Our focus with this release was adding some features, fixing bugs and increasing usability.

Here is a translation of the original changelogs:

Changelog 2.3.1-0
  ADD: Alarm quittieren ueber das Display
  Acknowledge Alams with touchscreen
  ADD: Nextion Display ueber Terminal flashen möglich
  Flash firmware of display via terminal 
  ADD: Ordner /var/www/conf ist jetzt im geschuetzten Bereich
  Put configuration file in password-protected area
  ADD: Softwarelizenz GPL
  Include GPL
  ADD: Pitmaster Solltemperatureingabe jetzt mit einer Nachkommastelle (Armin's Onseneifunktion)
  Pitmastertemperature now with 1 decimal place (i skip the Osenegg-portion) 
  ADD: GPIO fuer IO und IOPWM waehlbar zwischen GPIO4 (12V Signal) und GPIO2 (3,3V Signal)
  Selectable GPIO for IO and IOPWM (result:switchable IO-Signal from 3,3V to 12V) 
  ADD: GUI-Update gibt Informationen ueber den laufenden Installationsstatus aus
  Updateinformation in GUI during onlineupdate - Not just wait but you can see, what Raspi is doing
  ADD: Zero Cut Funktion fuer Luefter
  Zero cut function for fan
  FIX: IP Adresse wird in der wifi.php nicht angezeigt
  No IP-Adress shown in GUI
  FIX: index.php Webcambilder werden nicht angezeigt/ imagemagick wird Installiert (Fehlt unter Jessie)
  Missing webcam-pictures  
  FIX: Display-Update V1.0, Neue Tastaturen, Sonderzeichen, Alarmquittierung, Fehlerbereinigung, Speicheroptimierung
  Nextion Display Firmwar version 1.o, new keyboards,
  FIX: Herunterfahren und Neustart mittels Display funktioniert
  Restart and shotdown via Display works now
  FIX: Es lassen sich jetzt mehrere WLANS ueber das Display konfigurieren
  Configure multiple accesspoints with touchscreen
  FIX: WIFI Script language.d Problem geloest.
  language problem solved in wifi-script
  FIX: Info Seite angepasst
  changed info-page
  FIX: Pitmaster beim Neustart
  pitmasterproblem (always on) after restart
  FIX: Duty Cycle min bei IOPWM
  minimum dutycycle.
Changelog 2.3.1-1
  FIX: GUI-Update gibt Informationen ueber den laufenden Installationsstatus aus
  Now really info during update
  FIX: Fehler in der function.php - Neue configeinträge wurden nicht uebernommen
  missing values in configuration
  FIX: Fehlerhafte Versionskennzeichnung in der header.php behoben
  wrong version-encoding
  FIX: DOS-Umbrüche in /usr/bin/ beseitigt
  windows formatting of a shellscript

Update is available via onlineupdate. If you build a new thermometer, just download the software as described in the documentation and you will be on 2.3.1-1!

I hope you enjoy it and feedback is always welcome!