how to make your electric shower is up to 25% more

Most electric showers are supplied with power from 4600, 5500, 6000 watts, but we can auteria this power to 3200 watts

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the first step is to identify the technical data of your electric shower in the shower if noss 5500 watts voltage 127 ~ v., with a circuit with 50 Amperes.1 protection. option is to remove part of esistencia for it and composed of two resistance in series .2 is replaced by a resisencia lower value vendidada electricity in homes. as follows method.
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first step disconnect the shower circuit in electric quaquadro alert by your circuit breaker.

Disconnect the second shower of the circuit up to 4x2 box on the wall.

third remove all existing water

fourth dry the inside and outside

fifth remove the existing resistance obserando the possi are each ends are generally three terminals a b c

then substitute the new resistance of 127 V ~ 3200 watts, following the order of the first terminal end (A) is less than the second is the end of least resistance (B) and the third end of greater resistance (C)

seto close shower and place in possiçao off for safety and lebrando if shower is energized without water in the bozo resistencai the burning of strength is immediate

  • 1 × resistance 3200 watts 127v ~
  • 1 × beak pliers
  • 1 × calculator

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