We have Midi, Audio and USB and HDD.

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Portable recording studio.

Daniel FraustoDaniel Frausto 02/16/2016 at 03:260 Comments

I have been moving things around. First I am removing SD card . with the internal SATA/IDE HDD I really don't think it is needed. Instead i will add the third USB port so and SD Card could be added with a Card reader and a thumbdrive or anything can be added. i have made the Midi Circuit which will be using UART.The usb Hub circuit is borrowed from HERE. I needed a placeholder to get an idea of size , so this gives me a rough estimate where my usb hub will live. I also have used a PCM1780 to provide Audio but most likely switch over to something like a PhatDac, i really want to use OSH only so I am still looking. I also have added a "HDD enclosure" to get rough estimate where the sata?drive might live.