Lets Add HDMI-AUDIO-MIDI and some other stuff

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Portable recording studio.

Daniel FraustoDaniel Frausto 03/12/2016 at 07:060 Comments

Well i got a little more closer...i have added a HDD placeholder so i can see where i need to place a couple of components. and HDMI port that will definitely be a Mini-to regular sized Hdmi Cable? Extension. i was going to try and make a on PCB routing feature but seems it will be easier to just use a cable and Hot-Glue it in place. I have added the midi Module from previous version and now is connected to pi0 Header.i order to get audio i will using the phatDac since it uses a PCM5102A. I have added the Monitor outputs, which wil be line outputs so to be used with external audio amplifier. I also have add a "Buffer" to the headphone output. At the moment the "Phat dac" was a version from ( check it out ). Still need to find out how i am going to power everything. need a PSU with 15v and 5V output. Next step is adding the tft display.

wanna check out the schematic? check it out here!