A little more...(because it is raining)

A project log for piStudio

Portable recording studio.

Daniel FraustoDaniel Frausto 03/13/2016 at 00:030 Comments

Since i got some free time due to rain, i decide to edit this a bit more. Now i have added the AC to DC power supply. I got some ideas from a breadboard power supply provided by Sparkfun. at the moment it is used as a 5v/3v but i am going to add a 15v Regulator to be able to provide a bit more power.

As you can see in the picture above i am using a transformer to bring down the voltage, at the moment to 5v/ then a rectifier to provide the 5vDC and then continues to the rest of the circuitry. I have added the SPI display and VU-meter modules, take a look.

the vu module was "borrowed" from Jeff Thompson and his post "Simple VU Meter Circuit". The SPI display connect in the mid section of the picture above was made possible by following the tutorial over at . and to right is the piZero Header that will allow the pizero to be connected to the "mainBoard".

I will adding the new schematic and board files soon. Oh almost forgot dont remember if i mentioned it but i have added a pitft3.5 "placeholder to help with aligning the roper connections".