• The tutorial
You can find the code for the smartphone in attached files. the APK and the KeyDuino files (you can use it with an

NFC shield connected on HSU): https://github.com/CITCEuraRFID/KeyDuinoAnd

the code with a badge/NFC ring is on the KeyDuino lib (example>relay shield).

  • Problems
Also when I use my normal key to lock my car (407 Peugeot), I cannot use the central unlocking anymore. So you will need to lock the doors by the NFC system. It's a basic project so there are no consumption management and the security is based on a NDEF password.
  • WIP
I currently work on an improved prototype with a BLE+NFC board directlyon the car handle (flexible pcb for the NFC antenna). Keep in touch for the WIP project :).