Update #1

A project log for DMG-32

Just in case you wanted to play your old games inside an old Gameboy

andyAndy 02/13/2016 at 01:570 Comments

I've been working pretty hard on this one in recent weeks. Latest update: There's a power connector on the pcb. Revolutionary, I know. Better yet, a few other errors are fixed since last time, and now I am ready to actually cut this thing out. My CNC machine is giving me issues now, so there will be delay on getting real-deal photographs on this page.

Every new advance leads to new questions, the latest issue is that the DMG uses strange 10.43mm buttons, which are made of pure unobtanium. 8mm and 12mm can be sourced, but only for certain types of tactile buttons, therefore, more research and specialized parts have to be sourced for this project. I found that Kitsch-Bent has custom injection molded parts that can be ordered for relatively cheap, considering that they are completely custom and exact analogs of the originals. One can even purchase a whole DMG case from them! A worthwhile site, I'll add a link to this project ASAP. The other issue is the tactile switches. The standard 6mm square buttons are not tall enough. The actuator on top of them is not tall enough to allow the cap (DMG buttons, in this case) to press the actuator without colliding with the housing of the button first. Currently, I'm waiting on some 7.5mm tall buttons to ship, with the hope that they will be tall enough.