Toyota MR2 Turbo Engine Repair

I blew up my engine, and am going to remove it, take it apart and fix it. Not really a hack, but it is taking things apart and fixing them.

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Just a bunch of videos about me attempting to fix my car.

So, while driving back from a work trip one day (quite a long hard drive) I suddenly realised I could hear a knocking noise louder than the stupidly loud exhaust. The knocking got worse and worse, so I pulled over. When I switched the ignition off, the car wouldn't start and the engine was seized.

I suspect a big end or main bearing has picked up and seized. Will have to take it apart to find out.

  • 1 × 1992 Toyota MR2 Turbo With seized engine
  • 8 × Pizza Friend fuel

  • More update videos

    Scott S03/02/2016 at 23:17 0 comments

    Didn't actually take the hubs off in the end - removed the whole subframe instead

    Removed the whole subframe by unbolting the shock top mounts, subframe bolts and control arms

    Took the engine out by dropping it on the floor using an engine hoist, then lifting the car body off by the engine mounts, and dragging the engine out from underneath

    Began dismantling the engine - need to inspect the crank to find any damaged bearings

  • Explaining the removal

    Scott S03/02/2016 at 23:11 0 comments

    Just a brief video explaining the plan

  • Disconnecting engine

    Scott S02/07/2016 at 02:20 0 comments

    The first step to removing any engine is to label things up and disconnect every hose, cable, wire and driveshaft from the engine.

    This is the start of that process

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