The Least Fun Way to Spend Money

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colin-oflynnColin O'Flynn 01/09/2015 at 00:340 Comments

Hard to believe it's been 2+ months since my last update! Anyway I've been working on an updated software release, along with firmware for the new ChipWhisperer-Lite. But to go with the new software release I wanted to (finally) have signed drivers, so you can do something like this:

No more "unsigned driver" warning! Unfortunately it just costs money to do this - there's no easy way around it, so I had put it off for the longest time. There's a great guide by David Grayson to the whole process which I used.

If you also need to repeat this I posed some step-by-step instructions to my own blog too. They are basically just notes I used form David, so don't add much. So in conclusion, that is the least fun way to spend $562 (the cost of a 3-year certificate). On to more fun ways to spend money!

Lately I've also been having fun with a combination of the T962A oven with open-source firmware for soldering, and a Silhoutte Cameo for cutting solder paste stencils. It's a much faster way of assembling compared to my mostly hand-soldering or hot-air iron I'd been using in the past. I hope to have a complete video up on that - for now I've got a quick video on the stencil cutter part:

This also gives you a view of the assembly of the ChipWhisperer-Lite board! Hope you find it interesting.