Updated with RECON Slides, DEFCON Annoucement

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coflynncoflynn 07/14/2014 at 17:290 Comments

Lots of good news. First off - for those interested I did post my RECON Slides  online just after the conference. They are supposed to release video at some point so you'll be able to get that.

I'm also going to be at BlackHat and DEFCON! I plan on giving a talk in the hardware hacking village at DEFCON, I don't have anything on either of the official schedules this year though. As an additional bonus there will be a ChipWhisperer Complete Kit that I built going for auction at the Vegas 2.0 Fundariser for the EFF. It might save you a bundle! I'll be packing a few free PCBs as usual, but I'm normally limited in how much I can carry.

Speaking of EFF, the company I've started to spin up for selling assembled ChipWhisperers (NewAE Technology) is now a organizational member of the EFF, check it out on their thanks page.

I'm reworking how the analyzer software works right now, so still haven't pushed out a release. The system will now generate a script file & run the script file automatically, instead of hiding everything behind the GUI. This makes it a lot easier to both (A) save your setup and (B) hack in new moduels to test with. It should be a great improvement, and will let you play with the system even more.

I'm still posting new documentation to the Python Docs page (see links panel on left), so there's a few new tutorials there, including examples of both clock & power glitching. That's all for now anyway, back to work finishing off this code...