Twitch Your Life - a Raspberry Pi streamer device

A social experiment about what can be classified as the NSA dream (pun intended)

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This is a wearable camera that streams your life to Internet so that others can view the stream. It's a social experiment of my friend and a technological experiment of mine. My friend does not yet uncover the purposes of his experiment, but for me it's an interesting challenge and I'm quite curious about all the problems that might appear during the implementation.

The first iteration was made using the Black Swift board (AR9331 chipset), a Logitech C905 camera and a 3G modem. It's powered by 6s1p Li-ion battery setup. However, Twitch integration was hard to do on an underpowered board.
Thus, we switched to a Pi Zero with a 8MP camera and are currently building the next version of the hardware.

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