Bare Metal Pi Zero ANSI Terminal

A project log for $5 Graphics Card For Homebrew Z80

Using a Pi Zero, I want to create a cheap keyboard interface and graphics card for my RC2014 homebrew computer

spencerspencer 05/02/2016 at 19:180 Comments

Just a minor update here with regard to the software. As mentioned in the previous log, Filippo has been working on a bare metal terminal emulator for the Pi Zero which is ideal for this project.

The latest update for this is working sweet, using either the HDMI or composite ports to display the RC2014 with ANSI commands supported.

Filippos source code is up on Git Hub, although it's the kernel.img file that is needed to run this. Simply copy this to a FAT32 formatted micro SD card (Any size - it only takes a few kb), along with a copy of bootcode.bin and start.elf. These last two files can be copied from any SD card that runs on your Pi (they are different between Pi Zero, Pi 2, Pi 3 etc).

Note that this is currently display only - so you will need a serial keyboard or use a FTDI lead to type characters on the RC2014