The Start- choosing the platform

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jackrcJackRC 04/29/2014 at 06:430 Comments

I am a hard-core RC hobbyist therefore I have several RC platform for me to choose from. My first pick is a race car that can go 40mph on flat road.... hmn..hmn... I definitely don't want this run into my kids... PASS....

Then I found this broken 1:10 tank sitting in the storage collecting dust and decided to wake it up

Most of the tank are control by two brushed motors driving left and right track.  I had to install two ESCs to control the motor with PWM signal from the USB servo controller, see below diagram for detail:

I got my USB servo controller for $ 19.95 from

Now we have the basic hardware setup, next will be mounting the tablet/laptop and do some programming !!

To be continued..