Plastic type and evaporative cooling

A project log for 3D-Printed Water Distillation Doodad

This doodad transforms a 2L pop bottle and a .5L plastic bottle into a solar distillery for drinkable water. 05/29/2016 at 04:190 Comments

I am a little concerned about the heat resistance of the PLA. Temps can get quite high in full sun. I think a high temp PLA or an alternate type of plastic would be more warp resistant. I had a 3D-print quad in a car for a day and the arms were totally deformed after.

The efficiency is not great as the water in the smaller collection bottle also evaporates, condenses and returns. Not sure how to shade that...

Using a damp cloth wrapped on the top section creates shade and evaporative cooling to occur, boosting the condensation rate.