Home stretch!

A project log for 8 Leaf Pi Zero Bramble

Modular design, small footprint Pi Zero Supercomputer

txdo.msktxdo.msk 03/09/2016 at 01:130 Comments

Well, my 3D printer's hotend went belly up, so, I guess I'm going with my first design, the 8 slot case. The replacement hotels won't be here for a couple weeks and so, I can't do the top half of the modular case. The STLs are good though.

I ran some numbers and talked to a few people about my power supply, and decided to use buck converters on my 12v line from the ATX supply. I just can't take a chance of blowing up my Zeros what with the supply being decimated.

I'll finish it out by putting some lm2596 bucks on a protoboard and flying it up.