Prototype PCB Project completed

A project log for Pi ZERO Arduino programming station

Just a PiZero Pocket Computer case, with ability to plug any available Monitor (Component Video, HDMI, LCD) and a keyboard via USB HUB

sergeySergey 02/23/2016 at 22:010 Comments

Finally made it. With help of Eagle autorouter plus some re-wiring. I have a lot of clearence alarms :(

I understand that it should be polished, but at least I can say here it is, it is possible to do this thing.

I know it's going to work because I've researched the following topics

I still have a lot of questions to answer. I will try to test the concept of using on-board keyaboard while connecting via Mobile phone remotely. And I need to decide what to do with power for Raspberry.

Here are some rederings of the board