No Zero, but I'll continue

A project log for Pi ZERO Arduino programming station

Just a PiZero Pocket Computer case, with ability to plug any available Monitor (Component Video, HDMI, LCD) and a keyboard via USB HUB

sergeySergey 03/04/2016 at 15:050 Comments

Sadly no free Pi Zero for me, I think probably because I'm in Russia and wouldn't get it soon anyway ;)

I'm currently wiring everything for level conversion test of Arduino <-> Pi Zero serial communications. I already confirmed Adafruit's setup works perfectly, but I forgot that I would need reset pin (so additional conversion elements on the board:() and I would need also a power switch 5v-3.3v for Arduino connector. Or a jumper.

Do you have an idea where to put it? :)

I'll have more updates soon. When I figure our what to do with that jumper, ha-ha