Hardware Control with any Pi

Two-Relay control with any Pi Model,
Plus a complete Web page!

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I use two relays to control the Lights in my Living Room, and my Home Theater.
Just 3 line from the Pi-- Ground, plus 2 GPIO pins. This is all done with Javascript
and PHP. I also have 3 DS18B20's hooked up to read the temp in two rooms and
outside. Plus a Pi Camera is connected as well.

Wire the whole thing up via the schematic and add the code to your Pi.

And make sure to install PHP & Apache2 on the Pi. Either Wi-Fi or Ethernet

will work. It's great being able to turn ON the Light as I pull into the Driveway

or from a remote location since I have Port Forwarding turned ON.

  • 2 × Relays 5V input and controls Relay contact up to 5AMPS on Output
  • 1 × 120V to 12V-9V Transformer Only requres to have an output current of 200mA
  • 1 × 2N3904 Controls the Relay
  • 1 × 15K Resistor Voltage drop
  • 1 × 100K Resistor BIAS so Transistor won't burn up

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