Finally got around to uploading the newer board revision I did some ago

A project log for 1284P-Target

A development board for the Atmega1284P.

mcu_nerdmcu_nerd 10/15/2020 at 13:310 Comments

Yup, it's been one of those to-do things for quite some time. I've finally gotten around to it.

Summary of changes:

added a voltage plane

added a separate SPI header

Added a separate I2C header

consolidated a lot of the jumper pins to make life easier

Parts list for the new board:

kicad 5.0.2-1


3 10k ohm 0805
5 330 ohm 0805
2 220 ohm 0805
2 4.7K ohm 0805
1 1k ohm 0805

LDR resistor through-hole

4 .1uF 0805
2 20pF 0805

optional TH smooothing cap

2 0805 LEDs (one for power, another one controlled by an I/O pin)

Pin headers(2.54mm):

2 20-pin
1 2-pin
2 4-pin
1 5-pin
1 6-pin
1 2x2-pin
1 2x6-pin
1 2x5-pin (recommend used shrouded socket)

Other stuff:

2 SS16 SMA diodes
1 THT:SW_PUSH_6mm reset button
40-pin socket for mcu
HC49-U through-hole crystal (16MHz)

for the transistor DMG2302UK or any mosfet/bipolar with a compatible pinout