Log 2: First Time Boot-up

A project log for Control Mechanism of an Autonomous Quadcopter

Obstacle detection system by OpenCv on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Canberk Suat GurelCanberk Suat Gurel 02/11/2016 at 12:410 Comments

sert the flashed SD card into the RPi, then connect:
-USB keyboard
-USB mouse
-USB Wireless adapter
-HDMI monitor cable
-Power (at last)

The newest version of Raspbian (Raspbian-Jessi) boots directly into the graphical desktop, once boot-up is complete, bring up a command line, type

sudo raspi-config
and set the following options:
1 Expand Filesystem - set OS to fill SD card
3 Boot Options - set to "B1 Console"

choose "Finish", when asked "Would you like to reboot?" choose "Yes", if you need to reboot from the command line type "sudo shutdown -r now" to reboot, for future reference if you need to shut down without rebooting type "sudo shutdown -h now"

log in with the default username / password, which is pi / raspberry

startx //start the graphical desktop
choose wireless icon at the top right, enter wireless router password, verify networking works
hostname -I 
this command will display the IP address write that down. (you'll need this while setting up the PuTTY in the next step) then type
sudo shutdown -r now
# reboot, you don't need to log in on the RPi after rebooting