Log 9: Kinect Sensor

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Canberk Suat GurelCanberk Suat Gurel 07/01/2017 at 12:090 Comments

Kinect Sensor

The Microsoft Kinect camera sensor is a revolutionary RGB-D camera that is primarily built as an input device for Xbox gaming console [8]. Due to its capability of producing decent quality images and depth information, this low cost device become popular in the field of scientific study especially in the field of computer vision and robotics.

Kinect's Software Development Kit (SDK ) for Windows offers API interfaces to help user to create and develop their own application through it [9].

Figure 1: Kinect Xbox camera sensor

Figure 1 shows the Kinect camera sensor consisting of an IR (infrared ) projector, an IR camera, a RGB (color ) camera, four microphone array, a tilting system and image processing microchip known as Primesense's PSI 08 0-A2. The depth camera consists of an infrared laser projector combined with a
monochrome CMOS sensor, which capture video data in 3D under any ambient light conditions. The sensing range of the depth sensor is adjustable with its two modes of operation that are default mode and near mode. The Kinect Xbox can work only with default mode and its range varies from 80 centimeters to 4 meters. The RGB camera operates at 30Hz, and can offer images with 8-bits per channel. Using the tilting system, camera can be tilted up to 27° either up or down.


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