ESD Mitigation Strategy

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Neil JansenNeil Jansen 09/28/2014 at 22:400 Comments

Electro-static discharge is a big deal when you're working with modern SMT parts. Doubly so when you're dealing wiht SMT component feeders. Things moving around generate a charge, and these charges can even levitate parts right out of the carrier tape.

We have a two part approach for mitigating ESD:

Conductive Coating for all Acrylic and Anodized Surfaces

In the USA, the best source is TechSpray Licron, available from Mouser.  Other countries have this listed under different names.

ESD-Safe Conductive ABS 3D Printer Filament

Part two of our approach is to use ABS plastic 3D printer filament, that is conductive, by impregnating it with carbon nanotubes :D  

We source our filament from 3DXTech, which can also be bought from PushPlastic, where I buy the rest of my normal PLA filament.

You can buy the ESD-safe filament here:

3DXTech 3DXNano product page

3DXTech 3DXNano Filament MSDS Sheet