First test rides

A project log for The ERB (Electric Rescue Bike)

An electric motorcycle designed around stringent requirements of weight, power and durability for use in deep woods rescue missions.

Adam CurtisAdam Curtis 03/08/2016 at 03:111 Comment

I've gotten all of the electronics wired up and the drive system built too! I've been riding the bike around campus. It pops a wheelie really well, but the gear ratio is 3 times to low. I will be CNC milling a new front sprocket in the next week or so to get my top speed up to 30mph. That will still leave me with LOTS of good torque and a decent top speed as well.

I still need to fabricate guards for the belt drive and the front sprocket.

Also I need to buy a charger for a 16 series LiPo battery. Any suggestions?


Thomas Gates wrote 03/10/2016 at 01:39 point

I bought a BMS for my e-bike from a electric car parts manufacturer. I added a link below if your interested, Its a bit of a pain to solder all the balance leads but hopefully it helps.

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