Google Summer of Code participation to improve CTAG face2|4 Audio System

A project log for CTAG FACE and BEAST Multichannel Audio Systems

Multichannel audio systems based on BeagleBone. Compatible to Linux and Bela's hard real-time environment. In Stock at

henrik-langerHenrik Langer 08/22/2016 at 13:120 Comments

This year I participated in Google Summer of Code to improve our audio system. The CTAG face2|4 Audio Card driver has been successfully ported to BeagleBoard-X15 (dual core TI AM5728) and is backwards compatible with BeagleBone Black/Green. Moreover an user-space library has been created to offload typical signal operations (FFT, IFFT, filter) to C66x DSPs (integrated in AM5728). The full project documentation is available on GitHub.