Upcoming: The Beast - Massive 24 Channel Audio

A project log for CTAG FACE and BEAST Multichannel Audio Systems

Multichannel audio systems based on BeagleBone. Compatible to Linux and Bela's hard real-time environment. In Stock at

henrik-langerHenrik Langer 02/01/2017 at 16:200 Comments

After some hard work of board redesign and driver modifications, we finally got our 24 channel modular BEAST to work. The system offers 8 input channels and 16 output channels by daisy chaining two AD1938 audio codecs. The soundcard was shrunk to the same form factor as the BeagleBone Black/Green, thus can be directly stacked as cape on the BBB/BBG without needing an additional adapter board. Moreover the soundcard can still be used only with 8 output channels and 4 input channels like the old version. Currently, we are in the final phase of hardware design and driver development fixing the last bugs for stable operation. An image is given in the project pictures. Driver development takes place here (still experimental). In the future we want to produce a small series of the CTAG Beast. If you are interested in the first series, feel free to write me a personal message, so we can better estimate the units. More information coming soon!