Hiatus Continues for a Spell

A project log for D-DAQ

automotive parameter & performance monitor & logger

Michael O'BrienMichael O'Brien 12/01/2014 at 20:190 Comments

Hello everyone. I've not forgot or abandoned D-DAQ. If you've been following from when I moved the project to here, you may recall that I've said that this project was near 3 yrs old, though at this time its a few months older than 3 yrs though I digress. It's taken a while because its developed in my free time just like nearly everything on here.

The hiatus is development is simply due to that free time or the definitive lack thereof. Had to pull my transmission this past week to replace a spring and found that the release lever was starting to fatigue and bend. Came across the cause of the fluid leak I've been experiencing as well and have to re-grease a CV joint and it's boot in the very near future as well. Either I spend the money and have a mechanic do it, mind you I rebuilt the engine myself 13K miles ago, and take the time and do the work myself and save a few hundred dollars.

If I can get back to the design work, I can build the power supply subsystem which will be a isolated SEPIC to 2 buck converters. I promise I've not forgotten nor abandoned D-DAQ, but life happens and I'm sorry I haven't made any visible progress in the past few months.