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automotive parameter & performance monitor & logger

Michael O'BrienMichael O'Brien 08/01/2014 at 11:470 Comments

I'm about 50% done in the amount of time I have left to complete the rest of the board layout. PCB dimensions will be changing a bit, but I'm not sure my how much. I also changed the pinout of the display plugs. It'll take only a few minutes to apply that change to the adapter boards. Screen cap to show where I'm at after the break.

Still need to figure out a few things and tweak stuff. The power subsystem will "simply" be copied and pasted from what I had before and then routed into place. However, I may be changing the SMPS controller IC to less electrically efficient but more thermally efficient part since I'd need power current if there is a uC on the other end of each display cable. After that, if I have room to trim any fat, I'll squeeze things together.

If you've followed closely, you'll note that there is no 5x1 pin header array. I moved to localized pin receptacles instead. Since there is no standard 5-pin JTAG/EJTAG layout, I have to make an adapter from the common ARM 20-pin layout. Since it requires another board to be placed in between the cable and the DUT, I figured I'd combine the two in a manner that eased routing on the mainboard. It'll take all of 20 min to copy the pin locations onto a new board and route it.