First steps:

  • The first step is to develop a license that establishes rules that keep the projects open and free, and I am sure you can contribute with that.
  • The second step is to define a set of folders that can be placed in a public repository as an open source project. These folders must contain mostly everything an open hardware project contains, like a bill of materials, blueprints that can be opened using free CAD softwares etc, plus every scientific information relevant to the project, like thermal conductivity of the selected materials, for example.
About the repository:
  • Anybody must be able to get access to the repository, download the information and start building parts. If some material is not easily found in a very small village deep inside the himalayas, the person seeking the material should be able to contact other builders and developers, asking for advice on how to substitute it, or where to get it cheaply.
About the contributions:
  • Contributions could be submitted to the community as suggestions, requirements or as new branches of the project.
  • Contributors should keep in mind that more and new functionality can be aggregated to the project at any time.
About the projects:
  • Three dimensional CAD projects should be made using a software that can be easily monitored for modifications by a version control system. Please consider using OpenSCAD and use the forum to share your impressions.
  • The project should be developed with modularity and scalability in mind. Modules should, whenever possible, be interchangeable.
  • Each project should be accompanied by CAD files, bill of materials, list of companies that can execute its parts, list of places to buy raw materials, list of contributors etc. The directory structure should follow some very basic template to be developed.
  • Some basic structural elements, after accepted, should never be changed for that version or all the already developed modules would have to be changed too.
About project branches:
  • New branches can be created following the version control options.
  • Every contributor use be able to download a project, create its own branch and then, maybe, commit it to the main project.
About the interfaces:
  • Interfaces should be well thought and developed with scalability, interchangeability and modularity in mind.
About deadlines:
  • Deadlines could be useful, but if something is not converging, ending a branch and starting a new one with basic element modification should be possible and encouraged.
About the seeds:
  • A good starting point would be a low temperature equipment, but the main initiative should be able to handle arbitrary seeds.