To bring his mobile business to the next level, Anthony partnered with Progressive Automations. Utilizing our PA-14 Mini Linear Actuator and a 13A Power Supply, a 50” flat screen TV raises out of an inconspicuous cabinet. This lets his customers play video games and watch movies while getting their hair cut. He even has a built-in espresso machine that is hidden inside of a small table that also utilizes our mini actuator. It rises out into view with the press of a button, offering a nice, hot beverage for customers before or after their service.

Allowing the TV and Espresso machine to securely retract into the safety of the custom built cabinetry, Anthony not only makes use of all the space inside of his vehicle, but ensures they will be protected during his drive from client to client.

BarberDasher Club manages to pay tribute to a classic barbershop establishment while being intertwined with modern automation technology. It is full of surprises and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it. If you have a cool project like this that you’d like share with, or want to work together on one using our linear actuators, contact us today so see what we can do for you.