Powdercoating and the OnStep Controller

A project log for DIY Harmonic Drive Equatorial Mount

A home built equatorial mount for my telescope built mostly recycled components I have had lying around.

Jerry BiehlerJerry Biehler 06/30/2014 at 03:190 Comments

hjd1964, a member of the CloudyNights forum, has been working on the code to get his OnStep software package working on a Teensy 3.1. It is working for the most part so far.

I powder coated the last batch of parts for the scope mount last night and mounted the dovetail today. Now comes the fun part of pulling the OTA off the old forks. Whee...

Here is the breadboarded Teensy 3.1, line driver, and bluetooth module:

I did some gizmo triage and recycled a bunch of stuff, I now can see some of my desktop:

Here are the parts just after being coated and ready to bake. 400F for 30mins.

The dovetail mounted on the OTA. Funny thing, I went to bolt it down and I found my holes to be 1/16" off. I milled out one end turning the holes into slots and reinstalled it. Now the bolts fall in to where they were supposed to before. I have no idea what happened. Oh well.