ESP8266 WIFI Garage Door Opener

Using an ESP8266 and a photo eye to open a garage door and detect when it is up. All through my home WiFi!

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The garage door wall switch uses a dry contact to toggle the door opener. The ESP Opener parallels those contacts with a dry set of contacts from a small relay. The ESP has a statIc IP assignment in my household router so I always know how to reach it. The specific ESP8266 module I'm using is the ESP201. Some ESP modules won't work with a relay, when they boot up certain outputs are pulsed. This gets it stuck in a boot loop. This could be avoided by using a transistor but if your ESP were to restart in the middle of the night your door could open up.

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Guillaume R. wrote 12/11/2018 at 13:17 point

With Contrinex sensor ? :)

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