NEJE PCB Exposer

Pimp up the "neje" style engraver to expose UV sensistive PCB

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Pimp up the "neje" style engraver to expose UV sensistive PCB
This is currently only a scribble.
First i have to envestigate the laser driver....

The "NEJE Diy Mini Engraver" (google it or aliexpress it) is sold in basically different forms: Open Gantry style and Framed Enclosre style.

To my knowledge there is no official manufacturer for it. The hardware design seems to be derived from this project -> .

My model is "Open Gantry style".

It consists basicall of the following parts:

- Outer frame to hold it all together

- A "300mW" 405 nm laser assembly (incl. driver circuit)

- Two DVD Frames with motors/spindles and head carrier

- Two "schmalzhaus" easy stepper drivers based on allegro a3967 ics

- An Arduino Mini "Clone" board

- A "motherboard" PCB for wiring up all these components and for a ULN2003 darlington array which is used to switch the laser on and off

  • Burning up the photoresist

    Gnathonemus07/03/2016 at 15:20 0 comments

    The first trials with showed that the movement of the laser head is to slow:

    "Burning" a pcb layout did exactly that:

    the photoresist was burnt so it stuck to the board, during the development process, instead of dissvoling as expected.

  • Inspect/Mod laser driver

    Gnathonemus07/03/2016 at 15:14 0 comments

    The laser (driver) is drawing 267mA at 5V.

    Added a transistor/resistor to laser driving circuit to toggle laser.

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