Okay so the videos above are the evolution of the project. The project was inspired by the internet of things.

Many people would want to enable their existing objects into internet capable devices. So we design this little guy that is an internet enabled wifi socket, which can be controlled with the main website, you can tell to turn on/off the device and even tag them by labeling the object with the real name so whenever you call by phone you can ask the service and the server to control a specific device.

So there are three main possible ways to access the "suitches".

a) You call by phone and also you register your phone on the site, so the system knows who you are.

b)You use the site directly so that you can add more tokens to build your own wifi enabled device.

c) you use facebook, this "suitch" uses a virtual contact which you can add and send it commands so it reacts even if you dont use the other two options.

And a last video showing additional ports which controls a curtain opening at demand from the site.

Thanx to its internal port the "suitch" device can also connect to wifi ligths so it can also connect to already enabled devices.