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A project log for BIG_CLOCK

A basic clock using large 7 segments LCD panels

MuthMuth 02/16/2016 at 09:590 Comments

It is quite tedious to wire and solder 48 segments ! I don't have proper connectors, then I soldered the wires directly between the proto boards. I started to make them following a nice path... But it's ended with a - hum - a nice mess of wires :D

Anyway, it's working great ! I put the digit alternatively upside down in order to groupe the hour-minute-second numbers. I though in this way it makes the double-dot between each numbers, but it's not exactly what we are use to see. I have to think a bit more about that.

For the moment it just displays the time with the dots flipping each .5 second. I now have to think about nice digit transitions/animation. As well as study deeply the PIC datasheet in order to put as much as possible parts of the micro in sleep mode to reduce consumption.

I should not forget to make a frame in order to pass successfully the girlfriend acceptance test...