The new keyboard panel

A project log for ELLO 2M

The DIY laptop built entirely from PCB

KnivDKnivD 03/17/2016 at 08:131 Comment

Finally the new (and final) keyboards panels are ready!

You can see in the picture, they now have the functional keys marked, On/Off, and reset. All these are together with the Control key. In the original idea I have dumped the useless Caps Lock, and introduced Accent in its place. Double pressed Shift activates the Caps Lock function. Double pressed Accent activates the Accent Lock function. These are indicated by different colours of the ST(atus) LED:

Accent+Caps: Cyan
Caps: White
Accent Lock: Yellow
otherwise: Blue

I finalised the keyboard controller firmware as well. The entire ISO-8859-15 code table can be generated straight from the keyboard. My plan for the future - to include other ISO-8859 tables as well.


Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 03/17/2016 at 13:47 point

Lovely :-)

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