First MMBasic Addendum document for ELLO 2M

A project log for ELLO 2M

The DIY laptop built entirely from PCB

KnivDKnivD 12/26/2016 at 14:031 Comment

First, Merry Christmas to all!

These days I finally had some time to sit and type this document which was long overdue. It is not a full MMBasic manual (those have already been written by its author), but focuses more on the additions on ELLO from user's perspective. I will keep updating this document when I can with the hope that one day it will become a full book for ELLO. If anyone else is interested in helping as well, please let me know.

The file is now in the project's GitHub repository:


Dirk Wouters wrote 12/28/2016 at 22:26 point

Thank you for the manual. I can hardly wait to get the Ello 2 M² in the finger.

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