Adding Photos and Text to the Board Book

A project log for Notable Board Books

How alert and happy my mother (with Alzheimer's) became when she heard familiar songs! Lift the book, turn the page--the book does the rest.

Annelle RigsbyAnnelle Rigsby 10/01/2018 at 17:320 Comments

After selecting and sizing the text and photos for the book, the pages should be printed using photo paper (the paper needs to be stiff and durable to prevent wrinkling during the glue process). I use ordinary white wood glue.

Spread the glue liberally on the page.

Using a paper towel or brush, spread the glue evenly.

Place the photo/text on the glue. Check for excess glue around the edges of the image. Wipe excess away if necessary. Wait until the glue has dried before attaching another image to another page; otherwise, pages may stick together.