New Video!

A project log for Coil Gun/Gaus Cannon

A device that uses electricity to propel a projectile at a significant speed.

jeff.ballard.86jeff.ballard.86 05/28/2014 at 21:200 Comments

New video is a little blurry/short, I won a rebel T3I and well im used to camera phones so, maybe the next one will be better.

I finaly got the Optical gates working, and oscilloscope would have helped greatly :(  I finally was able to get it working with some crude spice models + trial and error.  I will post schematics at a later time.

In the video the projectile went clear through the plywood, the plywood is 3/8" thick, it also left a good sized ding on the wall behind it.

Projectile speed was measured at less than 150 fps which leads me to believe my 300 fps results from the previous gun was kind of fishy, especially since you can see the projectile moving in the above video.

this shot was at 400v, 10500uF x2 or about 1850 joules of stored energy, projectile energy was just over 30, which is close to a 2% efficiency.  I may play with it and try to get more outr of it, but i want to up the Amperage again.  Im thinking 10KA per coil with adjustable timers again.

I also tested the coil gun with one coil and then 2 coils to see what the differences would be:

I decided to use 400v instead of 450v as the voltage.  I used the same projectile.  An lastly I made sure that the projectile was on the same spot with each shot.  One coil averaged 70 fps while 2 coils averaged 130 fps.  Close to a 45% improvement.

Please comment and let me know what you think, or advice is always welcomed!