The Hack a Day Prize

A project log for Coil Gun/Gaus Cannon

A device that uses electricity to propel a projectile at a significant speed.

jeff.ballard.86jeff.ballard.86 06/06/2014 at 14:240 Comments

This will be a short post talking about the Hack a Day prize and how my project is part of that contest.

It seams that the largest requirement for the prize is that the project is "connected" from what I have read, and heard one of the judges say this only means connected to something.

Since that is the case my project "Coil Gun/Gauss Cannon" is connected to a microcontroller (arduino).  This microcontroller controls all functions of the gun, including: firing, timing, measurement of voltage, measurement of projectile velocity, and other features as they become necessary. 

Another requirement is that the project is open.  I have and will continue to post files that can be used to recreate my results.

Lastly the contestant needs to actually build something, this is probably the easiest part.  There are many pictures that I have already posted that show the build process of my project, and there will be plenty more.

Finally I'd like to wish everyone good luck, this is an excellent contest with extraordinary prizes.