The Wireless,Obstacle Detecting,Beeping Robot using Arduinos!

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This is Bart....a wirelessly controlled, autonomous obstacle detecting robot !

The following are the robot's features :-

1.He's wirelessly controlled using 433MHz Tx/Rx modules.
2.He has the capability to sense an object in front of him and override the controllers command until the object i detected.
3.Has a piezo buzzer to tell you when there is an obstacle in front and also for a start up beep.
4.Two LED headlights for navigation in the dark.
5.A 5 LED Larrson scanner running on an ATTiny 85....because why not? :p
6.Controlled by a single joystick remote with push-buttons for added functions.

More information,code and build instructions on the instructables page :

Also LMR page here :
  • 2 × Arduino Uno
  • 1 × Motor Shield
  • 4 × Geared Dc motors BO motots
  • 5 × Red LEDs for the larsson scanner.
  • 2 × White LEDs

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